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Symphony is an all-in-one horse supplement with the vitamins horses need for healthy hooves, energy, digestive health, immunity, and a beautiful coat.


Support your horse's health for just $1.97 per day!


Hoof & Coat

Symphony provides industry-leading levels of biotin, bioavailable zinc, and methionine to ensure strong hooves — plus a mane and tail that resist breakage. Fatty acids promote a pliable hoof and add amazing shine to your horse's coat, while zinc and copper help prevent sun damage. Together, this Symphony of ingredients ensures that your horse will look their best no matter the season.


Gut Health

Symphony promotes gut health from start to finish. TruEquine™ yeast stabilizes the hindgut environment, supporting and stabilizing the microbial population and promoting feed utilization. Calcium helps regulate stomach acidity, while naturally occurring glutamine acts as fuel for small intestinal cells to promote a robust gut lining.



Symphony takes a comprehensive approach to immune support. With its combination of inflammatory regulators, antioxidants, natural vitamin E, immunoglobulins, and antibody constituents, Symphony supports your horse's immune system from every angle and plays an important role in the their natural cellular defense system.


Results are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Try Symphony for one month: If you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason, mail us the barcode from the package and your original proof of purchase and we will refund your purchase price. One refund per address. 


Directions for Use:


1. Administer 370 grams or 2 measuring cups daily to an average-sized horse (1,000 pounds). 

2. Store product in a cool, dry place protected from rodents and insects.

3. Do not use the product — or any equine feed product or supplement — if it is moldy or insect-infested. 


One bag, one horse, one month supply — one complete supplement.


Symphony Subscription — Save $5 Monthly!


The Symphony Auto Ship Program allows you to receive recurring monthly deliveries of Symphony without having to reorder. In addition, members will receive $5 off per bag, which equals 1 free bag every 12 months!


You can enroll in auto-ship at any time and can pause your shipments at any time, however, a pause will cancel your enrollment in the program. You are welcome to re-enroll at any time and the $5 discount per bag will apply for as long as you are enrolled.


You are welcome to enroll for more than one shipment per month. To modify your subscription, please contact our team at


Manufactured in the USA with love. 

Symphony Horse Supplement

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Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Subscription
Save $5 Per Bag
$54.00every month until canceled
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