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Quality ingredients make for a quality product you can trust — and leading levels of those ingredients result in a supplement that actually makes an impact for your horse. 

Symphony is created with industry-leading levels of ingredients meant to promote your horse's hoof and coat strength, gut health, and immunity.

When nutrients supporting these three elements come together in a single supplement, you get a healthier horse — and will be a happier owner as a result.

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Just a few of our quality ingredients:

The blend of ingredients in Symphony will promote a healthy gut in your horse, which will in turn support healthy immunity. That means your horse will be able to fight any stressors more resiliently! Plus, the levels of calcium in Symphony help stabilize the gut pH — and glutamine helps promote cell activity in the gut. 

You'll also find leading levels of biotin, methionine, and zinc to create healthy hooves and hair. The fatty acids in Symphony will add shine to your horse's coat, while its zinc and copper will protect against sun damage on hot, sunny days.


Learn more about all of the benefits and nutrients in Symphony below!

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