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Discover a Symphony of highly bioavailable nutrients that promotes hoof and coat strength, gut health, and immunity — for just $1.97 per day.

Our all-in-one supplement for horses is new but proven.

A quality product starts with quality ingredients: We use industry-leading ingredients that have decades of proven equine research. Symphony is the only supplement in the industry that combines all of these proven ingredients at recommended levels — all in one product.

Symphony includes TruEquine™ to support gut health. See the research from TruEquine™ that shows how this postbiotic horse feed additive maintains immune strength and promotes digestive health.  


Symphony is also made with Cool Stance®, a horse feed low in non-structural carbohydrate (NSC) and high in digestible energy content, and Zinpro Performance Minerals® — which use a unique absorption pathway for advanced nutrient uptake.


We chose these leading ingredients and formulated Symphony for our own horses and have seen amazing results. It only makes sense to share the same exact formula with you for your horses.

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Hoof & Coat

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Symphony provides industry-leading levels of biotin, bioavailable zinc, and methionine to ensure strong hooves — plus a mane and tail that resist breakage. Fatty acids promote a pliable hoof and add amazing shine to your horse's coat, while zinc and copper prevent sun damage.

Together, this Symphony of ingredients ensure that your horse will look their best no matter the season.

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Gut Health

Symphony promotes gut health from start to finish. TruEquine™ stabilizes the hindgut environment, supporting and stabilizing the microbial population and promoting feed utilization. Calcium helps regulate stomach acidity, while naturally occurring glutamine acts as fuel for small intestinal cells to promote a robust gut lining.

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Symphony take a comprehensive approach to immune support. With its combination of inflammatory regulators, antioxidants, natural vitamin E, immunoglobulins, and antibody constituents, Symphony supports your horse's immune system from every angle and plays an important role in their natural cellular defense system.

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Featured Customer Testimony

From the horse capital of Canada — Langley, British Columbia — Alixe Garcia has over 35 years of experience in the horse industry. Within one month of putting her 20 show horses on Symphony, she saw a complete transformation.


Her horses that had experienced stress and extreme frothy sweat before saw relief within just seven days of being on Symphony. She says she has never seen such dramatic results so quickly.

Natural vitamin E and selenium in Symphony are critical for muscle integrity, while organic trace minerals help with cellular function.

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A Horse of Course Symphony was created by Brad Kloss, an animal nutritionist with more than 38 years of experience. Brad started his career with one of the largest horse nutrition companies in the world. After spending years in the corporate world, he began to work as a nutrition consultant to large animal owners across the United States and Canada.

Brad is also a devoted horse owner himself: He spent months trying many different supplements and nutrients for his own family horses, but never found an all-in-one supplement that matched the quality he wanted. There were far too many products claiming to do different things to support equine health, and at a huge monthly cost. Brad started mixing ingredients together in the barn to feed his own horses. After many trials and formulations, the perfect combination of ingredients became the foundation for Symphony.

Next, Brad consulted with his equine nutritionist peers to fine-tune the formula. Nutrients that support gut health, immune system strength, and hoof and coat integrity — the three components of horse nutrition — were mixed into one product called Symphony. Even better, this new product was a fraction of the cost of less effective supplements on the market.

Symphony uses the best ingredients in the industry and has been tested and proven! Brad took his nutrition experience to team up with the biggest, most respected names in equine nutrition worldwide: Zinpro®, Diamond V®, and Cool Stance®. Today, Symphony by A Horse of Course is a very palatable, durable pellet that's made in a high-quality manufacturing plant that only produces horse feed. You can fully trust Symphony's source and ingredients for your horses. 

Brad has seen Symphony deliver incredible results for his own horses — and many others! Now, he is eager to share this extraordinary supplement with caring horse owners like you, so you can provide the nutrients your horses need for optimal health.

Our Story

Our Passion Is Sharing Top-Quality Horse Nutrition

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More About Symphony — the Horse Supplement for Hooves, a Shiny Coat, Gut Health, and Immunity


Results are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Try Symphony for one month: If you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason, mail us the barcode from the package and your original proof of purchase and we will refund your purchase price. One refund per address. 

Directions for use:

1. Administer 370 grams or 2 measuring cups daily to an average-sized horse (1,000 pounds). 

2. Store product in a cool, dry place protected from rodents and insects.

3. Do not use the product — or any equine feed product or supplement — if it is moldy or insect-infested. 

One bag, one horse, one month supply — one complete supplement. Manufactured in the USA with love. 

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