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Symphony Supplement Challenge

Our Challenge program is back for May only!

Take advantage of this opportunity to improve your horse's health today.

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How It Works: 60 Days, Four Simple Steps

​1. Sign up for the Symphony Supplement Challenge using the form at the bottom of the page.


2. You’ll receive an email from our team requesting “before” photos of your horse and you’ll receive a coupon code to place your online order.


​3. When you place your order for two (2) bags of Symphony through our website, you will enter your coupon code upon checkout to receive your second bag free.

4. Towards the end of your Challenge period, we’ll follow up with you to see how things went and get your feedback.

Why Symphony?

A Horse of Course Symphony was created by Brad Kloss, an animal nutritionist with more than 38 years of experience.


Brad started his career with one of the largest horse nutrition companies in the world. He spent months trying many different supplements and nutrients for his own family horses, but never found an all-in-one supplement that matched the quality he wanted. There were far too many products claiming to do different things to support equine health, and at a huge monthly cost.


Symphony uses the best ingredients in the industry and has been tested and proven! Brad took his nutrition experience to team up with the biggest, most respected names in equine nutrition worldwide: Zinpro®, Diamond V®, and Cool Stance®.

Today, Symphony by A Horse of Course is a very palatable, durable pellet that's made in a high-quality manufacturing plant that only produces horse feed. You can fully trust Symphony's source and ingredients for your horses.

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Join the Symphony Challenge!

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Challenge Rules

This Symphony Supplement Challenge offer is good for one participant per household.


After your challenge period, you will be eligible to receive a free feed analysis with our equine nutritionist. You will also receive $5 off per bag of Symphony when you sign up for our monthly subscription.


Welcome to the Symphony family!

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